Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"Mann ki Baat" on Board Exams 2015 - PM Modi's Top 11 Advices to Students.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi shares his 'Mann ki Baat' with students who are appearing for Board exams, this year. Broadcasted on All India Radio, on February 22, this show provided a psychological support to the students. The top 11 advices from Modi's speech are listed below :

  • Take exams as a festival, enjoy them;
  • Real Success is when you help others;
  • Think positive, compete with yourself not others. Compete to be better than what you were yesterday;
  • Don't waste time on irrelevant or negative thoughts;
  • There is a life beyond examinations, do not stress over it. It is not a burden;
  • Be confident about yourself; do not let an outer factor trouble you. Have confidence on your abilities;
  • Desires + Stability = Determination, Determination + Righteousness = Accomplishment;
  • Recognise your inner potentials;
  • Do not build castles in the air; live in the present not past or future;
  • Attempt the easy questions first;
  • Exams are an opportunity not a challenge

Not only students, PM also asked the parents not to pressurise their wards. He added, that the parents should talk to their children about higher aspirations, bigger goals but should not compare them with other students. Since television connections are still not available everywhere in India, especially in the rural and less developed regions, radio was chosen to be the medium for the programme, owing to its wider reach. An estimated 90% of the total Indian population is reachable over the medium.

'Mann ki Baat' Full Audio - Click Here...

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